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Hajana One | SMS Alerts Installation Into DMASoftLab Radius Manger

Radius Manager SMS Gateway - How to Install SMS Gateway into DMA Radius Manager.

Configuration of SMS Gateway into DMA radius Manager

  • Download This File   smsgateway.php   This is readymade sms script
  • Edit This file with Notepad or any Text Editor
  • At line 10 and 11 enter your Hajana One account API key and SMS sender ID
  • Save This file
  • Download WinSCP Ftp Client from This Link   Download WinSCP
  • Connect your radius manager using WinSCP FTP client with Radius IP address and login detail.
  • Go to the following directory
  •       /var/www/radiusmanager/api/

  • Upload   smsgateway.php   file in this directory that will replace the old file

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