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Hajana One | SMS for DMASoftlab Radius Manager / Mikrotik

SMS Service - Specially for DMASoftlab Radius Manager and MikroTik

SMS Service for DMASoftlab Radius Manager

SMS Service for Softlab Radius Manager and Mikrotik Servers

DMASoftlab Radius manager has an SMS feature for sending SMS alerts to clients on Account Expiry, New Account Creation , Password Recovery etc This is little dificult to configure for ISP owners, We have solution for this, just buy any SMS bundle from us and we will configure SMS functionality on your radius manger for you. Just go to Branded SMS Service and select a package you like and send order.

We have multiple range of SMS package for your requirements. Our Branded SMS Service can send SMS alerts to your clients from your company name, if you don't want to buy Branded SMS no worry we can setup your mobile with your Radius manager all messages will be sent from your own mobile number.

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