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Hajana One | SMS Plugin WooCommerce | SMS Notification

SMS Notification - Designed or WooCommerece SMS Notifications to Admin and Customer.

SMS Service for DMASoftlab Radius Manager

SMS Alerts for WooCommerce Online Store

Hajana One has designed a clean and decent plugin for WooCommerce SMS Alerts. This plugin will send SMS notification to Admin and Cutomer as new order placed or on order status changed . Our Plugin will also send SMS notofication for pending payments.

If you want to use our plugin on you great WooCommerece store, You must have SMS account on our website. You can create free account on our website. After that you will required SMS credit in you Hajana One account. We are offering 5 Free SMS for testing our service. If you want more credit please visit packages page and select any package you need. Visit Pricing Page

Download SMS Notification Plugin fo WooCommerece

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