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Branded Bulk SMS in Pakistan

Welcome to Hajana-One - is a client focused company.

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Hi Friends! Hajana One is a client focused software development company, which strives to deliver result driven solutions that provide return on investment and help grow businesses. We treat every client's project like our own and provide the best solution to improve their business. We see client success as our own success.

We are experts in Web Technologies, Mobile Technologies and Internet Marketing and provide end to end solutions so that you do not have to hire multiple companies to get your project done. We have separate departments for Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Internet Marketing and Web Hosting which works together to make your project successful.

Bulk/Branded SMS Service

SMS services for businesses allow companies to connect with their customers, vendors / suppliers and other stakeholders in a direct and instant way. Typically companies use bulk SMS services in which messages are pushed to a larger number of recipients at the same time (e.g. for announcements, advertisements, etc.).

Hajana One offers Branded SMS services and Voice SMS services. Our web Interface enables business customers to send Branded SMS and Voice SMS to their clients or employees in an economic way through a dedicated web interface for this service.

Branded SMS Features

The Web Interface is available with following features:

  • SMS sender ID to be chosen by the user
  • Local & international SMS Routes
  • Detailed Messages History
  • Balance monitoring
  • Single / Group SMS / File to SMS
  • Scheduled SMS
  • Personalized SMS
  • Easy to use web-interface
  • Contact list management

Service Benefits

  • No line connection required for Bulk and Voice SMS service, thus reducing communication costs.
  • Offers full privacy and security of your SMS content and its delivery.
  • Easy and economical way of sending SMS Branded and Voice Messages.

Why Hajana One Pakistan

  • Stable and hassle free service.
  • We offer 24/7/365 technical support service solving problems quickly as they arise.
  • Hajana One is a well renowned, trusted and experienced service provider offering services at competitive prices.
  • Various flexible packages to meet varied needs of all businesses.
  • Our ability to bring nationwide network and reliability of Hajana One network together with strong customer services focus and responsiveness to our customers sets us apart.

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