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× Avoid datacenter abuse notice with our license verify !
Only for cPanel licenses

To get a verification at verify.cpanel.net run this commands :
touch /etc/.verifylicense ; HOLicsCP

License installation

We have released license installer version 3.0. it's supported on all operation systems.

  • Be sure to run installer script at root level.
  • Installation procedure

    First make sure you have a valid license fom us. License types :

    Licence Type Instructions
    Purchased Licence You have full access to our licensing system + Free support. there is no limitations on paid licenses.

    Full installation commands:

    install your license with one command installation script :

    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) cPanel; HOLicsCP

    To update your license just run :


    To get a verification at verify.cpanel.net (To avoid any datacenter abuse report) run :

    touch /etc/.verifylicense ; HOLicsCP

    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) liteSpeed; HOLicsLSWS

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) CloudLinux; HOLicsCLN

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) Imunify360; HOLicsImunify360

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) Softaculous; HOLicsSoftaculous

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) Sitepad; HOLicsSitepad

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) Plesk; HOLicsPlesk

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) Virtualizor; HOLicsVirtualizor

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) JetBackup; HOLicsJetBackup

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) WHMReseller; HOLicsWHMReseller

    To update your license just run :


    bash <( curl https://mirror.hajanaone.com/pre.sh ) CPGuard; HOLicsCPGuard

    To update your license just run :


    FleetSSL license comes free with cPanel license. once you have installed cPanel licensing system run the following command to activate FleetSSL :

    HOLicsCP -fleetssl

    Download License.php file from :


    and replace it with YOUR-WHMCS-PATH/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/License.php

    If you need latest WHMCS installation file please contact us.

    Verify installation

    After you have run the installer script you will see a similar message :

    Start downloading primary system...Depending on the speed of your server network, it may take some time ... Completed!
    Installing cPanel licensing system ...
     ---------------------- Licensing System started ----------------------
            Thank you for using hajanaone.com licensing system !
    Website : hajanaone.com
    Server IP :
    Hostname : client.host.name
    cPanel version :
    kernel version : 3.10.0-1160.49.1.el7.x86_64
     If you have any question connect us on our website.
    Copyright 2017-2022 hajanaone.com - All rights reserved.
    Today : 2022/02/07
    License Expire : LIFE-TIME-LICENSE
    Updating local license info...
    cPanel license status : OK
    cPanel licensing system has been installed. Enjoy